The Perils of Blogging

Well, I admit it… I have fallen to the dreaded Jabberwocky. He hath bit a gash into my writing hand and I have spent the past few months since I last blogged recovering from my wounds.

And if you believe that, well, I have some swamp land for sale…. LOL, well you know the old pun…. No, in truth, I have sorely neglected my blog and I hope I now repent my momentary folly. Another truth? I have been hunkering down upon the last edits and revisions of my soon-to-be released third novel “Child of Love & Water.”

So, now that I have gotten the excuses out of the way, I can now refocus my attention on what I created this blog for in the first place – a place to slay the looming Jabberwocky who growls over my shoulder from time to time. I know I am not the first writer who sits down to start a blog, always with good intentions, and finds himself/herself overwhelmed with keeping up with social media, but a very good marketer posted a remark about that if you can spend 15 minutes posting and replying to comments on social media, then you can spend 15 minutes posting a credible content article for your blog. I have thought about this a lot over the past few days and he has a very valid point… content is what everyone wants… especially readers wanting to connect to authors. I mean, I regularly go to those author’s blogs or pages who I love (Ken Follett, Carlos Ruiz Zafon…) and check in to their content, not necessarily their continuous book links, because I want to know more about their stories, their characters, and their inspirations. So, I have to learn to do that for myself. And it is a hard and uphill learning climb for most writers to attempt, as I am well aware of.

Here is where I raise my hand and recommit to blogging, giving all my followers and those who will follow deep and meaningful content to sink your teeth into. Which brings a thought to my mind… what kind of questions would you ask me if you could sit down and have a cup of Earl Grey with me? Go ahead, ask away… my cup is steeping and my hand is on my chin as I wait in anticipation…

D. K. Marleyfrustrated


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