We Read to Know We Are Not Alone

I feel very reflective today. I am often this way, but there are times which overwhelm me and I sink down into introspection. Today is definitely one of those days.

A quote from a movie, Shadowlands, in particular; a quote attributed to C. S. Lewis, about reading and love and life has been on my mind, and I find myself rolling the words over and over in my mind, as if I am trying to make sense of the words. I know this trick. This is the trick grief plays. Since this unwelcome emotion is a frequent visitor, I have learned the ups and downs of the visits. And yet, still, I am finding myself dwelling more on the lessons learned and how my life moves forward, rather than on the former constant saturation of dealing with the actual details of the loss in my life. Maybe this is why the quote from Shadowlands is hanging over my shoulder today.

I am curious as to what others think of this quote, almost like what C. S. Lewis (Anthony Hopkin’s character) is doing by questioning the young man in the clip. Take a few moments to watch this clip, it is only a little over two and half minutes, and then, if you wish, tell me what your thoughts are…. go ahead, I am listening….

D. K. Marley


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