At the End of 2018

So, the end of the year is approaching and time to reflect on all the past year has brought. A lot has happened, a lot has not happened, but the journey for a writer never ends. So many people to thank along the way, you know who you are and I will be sending personal thank you notes to you all. But, I wish you all, all my friends on my blog, group, FB page, FB Author page, Twitter account, and Goodreads account, the best at this end of 2018 and hope the new year brings you all that you hope for, especially as indie authors. What I want for the new year? Some endless days of creative inspiration, a peaceful mind over the stresses in life, happy reports from KDP, and to spread my passion over words far and wide to a plethora of new fans and readers. I can remember as a little girl loving to create stories and tell stories, so when a new reader reads and enjoys the madness going on in my brain over the pages of an ebook or printed version, well, the joy I feel is immense. For each and every one of you out there who has taken the time to read one of my novels, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are inspiring me to continue on this journey. Every single one of you mean a great deal to me, not from the aspect of selling books, but from the perspective of this: imagine all of us sitting around a fire while I share a story in my head to you, personally. I see the wonder in your eyes. I see the anticipation, or the tears, or the sheer delight as the story comes to a close. This is what I imagine when I see another reader clicked to buy one of my novels – not a numbers game, but the telling of a story. My words filling someone else’s heart and mind. I tell you, there is no greater joy than to have your own passion fulfilled in such a way. Thank you so very much. There is more to come!! 2019 – here comes DK Marley!!


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