2018 – Out With a Bang!!

Blood and Ink — Bronze

It’s official! My novel “Blood and Ink” is now the recipient of a Bronze Medal for Historical Fiction Book of the Year from the Myths, Legends and Coffee Pots book blogger Mary Anne Yarde. I am so thrilled and honored, and after 12 years of research and almost giving up on this book, this is a huge accomplishment and accolade.

There are so many people to thank, so here is my list:

My husband, first and foremost, for all of his support! My family, especially my grandmother.

Lorin Oberweger, Jason Sitzes, and Roman White of the Writer’s Retreat Workshop; Bill Luse, a dear friend who kept me on track for many years; Elizabeth Lyon, an incredible editor who gave me such encouragement; Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance, two inspiring actors who enlightened me with their authorship debates at the Globe in 2007; Carl diNota, for publishing my Marlowe articles; Peter Farey, for reading some of my first draft and giving me the courage to push forward, plus his insights on the authorship question; and to Ros Barber, an inspiration to me to complete my own novel on Marlowe.

You can get it here:


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